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A British E-liquid company bringing you our twist on ten of the most popular flavours of all time!

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About Us

The Vaping industry has evolved faster than any other industry in recent memory. Although that’s great for business, it’s not necessarily great for the consumer and with the enforcement of the TPD rule changes of 2017 and the dramatic switch to Shortfill liquids of late, the unfortunate user has no choice but to follow trend or get left behind.

Not to mention how poor companies have flooded the market with poor products, just in the hope to get a piece of the pie and it’s left consumers confused, frustrated and ultimately, smoking again.

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Silver Lining Juice Co

At Silver Lining, we do things a bit differently…

We’ve been observing, monitoring and waiting for the industry to reach an eventual maturity and we believe that that time is now. Over the past 2 years, we’ve been working closely with a highly rated chain of Vape Shops to discover exactly what it is that consumers want. We’ve analysed the 2016 and 2017 data and used it to produce a range of liquids that’s not only essentially consumer recommended, but also it offers something for absolutely everyone. We cover all flavour types and the recipes are loosely based on some of the best selling liquids of all time.

It’s the consumer that has created this industry; now it’s time to give them something back…

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